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FOOL's 'Happy/Sad' EP is a solid mix of emotions

Despite having different musical styles, Izzy Raye and Kian McGee got together to form the duo known as FOOL. Their debut collaborative project titled Happy/Sad is a four-track body of work that blends electronic pop, jazz, and R&B. The combination is simple, easy and is definitely something to grow on. Izzy has that laid back, fluid vocal tone that shows her varied musical influences and above all a unique magnetic presence while Kian McGee's smooth soundscapes acts as the perfect canvass. 

The EP's main subject matter is acknowledging and learning to come to terms with the dual emotions of being happy and/or sad. Life is a flux, it's a never-ending cycle and the duo essentially aim to tell the listener that it is perfectly ok to be both sad and happy.

The jazz/R&B/electronic duo are Boston and NYC based acts who came together at the beginning of 2017 and the direct result of this alliance is their debut EP Happy / Sad.

Connect with  FOOL: Soundcloud | Facebook | Spotify |Instagram

Acoustic · Alternative R&B · Minimal · Soul


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