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Ephram delivers a modern twist of neo-soul in "HAF"

Up and coming performer and singer Ephram’s new track “HAF” epitomizes the sound of vibrant, intoxicating R&B. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and Daft Punk, Ephram provides an emotional, impassioned vocal and lyrical performance partnered by soulful, organic instrumentation. Integrating elements of D’Angelo-esque neo-soul production, Ephram takes us back, but with a modern, crisp twist which reminds me of early work by The Weeknd. Ephram strives to emulate the musical attributes of his greatest influences, and you can certainly hear it on “HAF”. Check it out below:

The track sounds intensely personal to Ephram. His lyrics epitomize modern pop artistry, merging smoothly with percussion which blends components of several music genres, integrating the tranquil consistent of low-tempo electronic music which we hear in songs from James Blake, for example. There is a brisk, crunchy tone to the percussion of the instrumental which is reminiscent of modern low-tempo pop and hip-hop. Drake’s renowned track “Jungle” popped into my mind when I first listened to “HAF," which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Ephram provides us with a downtempo, intimate listening experience with “HAF," which embodies constituents of music made by the artists Ephram strives to become like. “HAF” illustrates Ephram’s ability to set the mood and make his listeners reminisce, and is certainly worth a listen.

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