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CLANN lets loose the power of the "Unseelie"

CLANN is the music alias of artist, filmmaker, and self-taught composer Sebastian McKinnon. His newest release is the ethereal single titled "Unseelie." The title refers to evil malevolent fairies from an ancient European myth. At seven minutes long, we are afforded the chance to witness the man's cinematic approach to production. From the instant you hit the play button, you are summoned into a mythical world of layered sounds, progressive instrumentation, and a haunting vocal that seemingly keeps drawing you back in for more.

McKinnon frequently works with Canadian singer/songwriter Charlotte Loseth, aka Sea Oleena. For McKinnon, her voice is very much the soul of the project. Another frequent collaborator is French violinist Chloe Picard, providing heart-wringing string performances to McKinnon’s blend of trip-hop beats and orchestral arrangements. 

McKinnon's debut feature film based on the KIN Fables Trilogy is currently in development. 

Connect with  CLANN: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Atmospheric · Cinematic · Downtempo


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