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YB keeps his focus on the "Rearview Mirror" [Video]

Originally from Pine Bluff, AR, rapper YB has spent most of his life on the road, not quite belonging in any one place. Despite a challenging upbringing, YB explained that he found the presence of God at a young age. However, it wasn't until his college years, when a local college pastor in Camden, AR paid for YB to go to a Passion conference, that he decided that "his life needed reworked." Through music, mentors, and his relationship with his now-wife, Tammy, YB found his call to pastoral ministry, as well as a burning passion to use hip-hop to impact the lives of the next generation.

A man with a mission, his music is just as focused an poignant. "Rearview Mirror" is a soul-baring track in form and in framing. YB raps about showing his scars in front of a vast backdrop. The track works as a steady crescendo; YB slowly builds momentum and stacks up syllables. A beautiful moment of salvation, YB's vulnerability and devotion are arresting and admirable. "Rearview Mirror" is a series of intricacies, it is the product of an artist with a critical eye and the heart required to toil over the smallest details.

Of the track and video, YB says: "I did a lot of reflecting when I wrote 'Rearview Mirror,' so when it came to the visual, I wanted to embody the process of my journey and where I started."

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