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Young & Sick infuses Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" with tenderness and sunshine

Renaissance man Young & Sick proves he can take on the classics. The multitalented Dutch artist has recently given us reason to believe he makes perfect pop music, and his cover of Fleetwood Mac's iconic "Dreams" solidifies his rightful place within the modern pop master canon. Fans of Fleetwood will recall that 1977's Rumours dives deep into cheating as subject matter - knowledge that certainly casts a different light on ditties like "Dreams" which appear outwardly innocuous upon casual listen. Young & Sick's rendition makes it even harder to discern the darkness present within lyrics like "Players only love you when they're playing." Drenched in California sunshine with a dash of twinkly lo-fi indie sensibility, Young & Sick's lyrics delicately cascade through the tender track. It's not every day you find a male artist (or any artist, for that matter) who can absolutely nail lyrics originally delivered by Stevie Nicks. Today is one of those days. 

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