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Singer-songwriter Y.A.S is "Chasing the Dragon" [Premiere]

Upcoming singer-songwriter Y.A.S, is making music described as 'light vocals x heavy beats'. If you haven't heard her name yet, you might recognize her through co-signs on features like "Her" with producer Troyboi. The London-based artist's latest release "Chasing the Dragon" explores the perpetual dream of seeking happiness. "My favourite thing about this song is that the dragon can represent anything. For me the dragon symbolises happiness when dealing with depression. Its all you think about, and long for, but because you are in such a negative head space; happiness has become something mythical like a Dragon," shares Y.A.S.

The single comes ahead of her work towards a debut EP due out next year. With ethereal vocal vibes and honest lyrical form, Y.A.S is not scared to show who she is a person and an artist. We have the first listen to "Chasing The Dragon" above, give it a listen. 

Connect with Y.A.S - Soundcloud I  Twitter


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