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Minimal Miggy's "Euphoria" is as good as it gets

Producer, composer, and drummer Minimal Miggy blends jazz samples and his own unique instrumentations on his new single "Euphoria." The song features vocalists Michaela Baranov and Ben Goldstein, who both lend their smooth voices to the ethereal backdrop. The song dwells on those inner conflicts that we all experience when we love someone. Feelings like infatuation, elation, but also vulnerability and self-doubt.

"Euphoria" by David Goldberg aka Minimal Miggy sets the tone for what's to come from the seasoned producer. The well traveled artist was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and spent most of his youth in Cape Town, South Africa, and Sydney, Australia. Besides producing songs, Goldberg is also an accomplished professional drummer with over a decade of experience. His debut EP Market Street is a collaboration of artists and performers from Australia and abroad. 

Connect with Minimal Miggy: Soundcloud | FacebookInstagram

Electro Soul · Lo-Fi · R&B · Soul-Hop


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