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LIV† is neck deep in "Fuckery"

Singer-songwriter LIV† is definitely in her element on her latest effort titled "Fuckery". While the title may seem too much for some out there, you need to really dive into the song to fully understand her message. The thing is, this is a love song but not the usual type where things are what we think it is. This here gives us the truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to the topic of being blinded by love. This situation often leads to, yes you guessed it, "Fuckery". 

LIV† shed some light on the creation of the song as well. "I had had this idea that I wanted to make a song based on the line I heard in an Amy Winehouse song. She said fuckery and I started writing".  To bring her ideas to life, she then called up producer Soultanz who laced her with a smooth, soulful backdrop and voila!. "Fuckery" is her latest effort since releasing her EP '5 Summers'

Connect with LIV† : Soundcloud |  Twitter | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Future Funk · Neo-Soul · Nu-Jazz · R&B · Soul


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