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Vanic breathes new life into the classic "Wonderwall"

This isn't the first time we've written about Vancouver hometown hero Vanic, and electric pop singer Zella Day is not a unfamiliar face either. When these two get into a studio, you can expect nothing short of perfection. Vanic with a history of electrifying remixes such as "Bounce Back" by Big Sean, you can rest assured that he does not disappoint in incorporating his trademark sound in this release.  

Zella covered the classic Oasis track "Wonderwall" in the beginning of the year with an acoustic release, catching the eye of Jesse Hughes(Vanic) to elevate the legendary cover and give it a proper homage that it deserves.

The rework has us feeling emotional, as if we had butterflies in our stomach singing along to the tune. The track progresses into its lead synth, a catchy melodic bass layered with a mixture of trap and vocals that will have you jamming out exhilarated from your head to toes.  It's looking like a promising 2018 for the Canadian, starting with a tour in his home country, with more to be announced.

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