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Digitalism releases '5KY11GHT' EP

Nearly a decade after releasing their breakout album Idealism, German electronic duo Digitalism has returned with an EP to close out the year. With a title fitting their history of tech-leaning electronica with an emphasis on the digital aspect of music, of course, the EP has a fitting name that highlights the translation of letters and numbers into a word that our mind reads. 5KY11GHT is a 5-track piece of work that does the same, acknowledging our mind's ability to appreciate the pieces of their music apart and together as a unified EP. 

Following the release of "Spektrum" earlier this fall, the track gets a reimagining as "Spektrum2000," a title that surely is a nod to remixing pre-2000 that always included the millenium ahead to denote its futuristic traits. Ebbing and flowing from laid back to future electronic, 5KY11GHT is a surprisingly contemporary take on Digitalism's classic style.

Digitalism on tour in 2018:

Mar 28 – Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall 
Mar 29 – Brooklyn, NY – Good Room 
Mar 30 – Philadelphia, PA – Coda 
Mar 31 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall 
Apr 05 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall 
Apr 06 – Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex 
Apr 07 – San Francisco, CA – Great Northern 
Apr 11 – Seattle, WA – Nectars Lounge
Apr 12 – Vancouver, BC – Fortune Sound
Apr 13 – Austin, TX – Kingdom
Apr 14 – Denver, CO – Vinyl

Connect with Digitalism: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



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