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P A T H & Pacific Patterns merge worlds on galactic "Scuffed"

It's not the first time we've been excited by P A T H's work. However, what's especially impressive, is how the enigmatic producer seems to consistently bring his mysterious music to the forefront of our attention. In addition, this time teaming up with new to EARMILK producer, Pacific Patterns. The two producers compliment each others worlds perfectly. "Scuffed" reaches further than ever before, into pioneering the unique celestial environment P A T H's music is so easily visualises. As a planet; "Scuffed" would have an atmosphere of striking shades of black, painted as vividly as light's shadow in the solar system. But, with no news of more material together on the horizon, and a clearly epic outing in "Scuffed," EARMILK are hoping the two producers will make more music together. Their output is clearly phenomenal. Listen to the unmissable new life harbouring planet "Scuffed" out on Jadū Dala above.

Connect with P A T H: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Connect with Pacific Patterns: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud| Instagram




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