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Sail down the "River" in Maya B's dazzling new ambient R&B single

One of my favorite songs of all time is "Aqueous Transmission" by the band Incubus. I had never heard a song like it before and have not heard one like it since. That is, until now. This latest dreamlike ballad from Maya B is the kind of music that floats on puffy white clouds and lives inside the falling raindrop hanging off the edge of a rose petal after a spring rain. Ambient in its production and soft gospel R&B vocals, this track needs to be felt more than listened. So hit play on "River" below, close your eyes and let it take you away: 

Maya B is one impressive 19-year old. This new LA-based artist is already making serious waves in the scene and is one of the few singers that I would trust to deliver such delicate notes while maintaining its raw underlying emotion in a track like "River". The song keeps a consistent piano melody that carries steadily from start to finish without ever having to diverge into a verse/chorus/bridge format. It's very easy for minimal ambient tracks like these to get repetitive but this one works so well that you hit play and the most beautiful introspective five minutes of your life goes by without you ever noticing.

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Ambient R&B


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