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Travel back to the Golden Era with Grand Analog and Plug Won's "Mutations"

Hip Hop is changing. Not only is it the most popular genre in American, but it is also growing and branching off into tons of different subgenres like “Emo Rap,” “Trap,” and “Mumble Rap,” to name a few. While that can seem off-putting for a lot of old heads who think us millennials are ruining the culture and nothing beats the “Golden Era” back in the 90s, it's not all bad. Sure, there are plenty of artists pushing the culture in new directions, but there are still those holding onto and perfecting the ancient ways. Grand Analog is one of those groups. With their latest track, “Mutations” which features the legend Posdnuos of De La Soul, Grand Analog shows that the “Golden Era” is still alive in well. In fact, “Mutations” hits so well it could easily be a 3 Feet High and Rising bonus track.

The combination of Analog’s Odario Williams and De La's Plug Won over this spacey beat is enough to entice anyone with a knowledge of Hip Hop’s history, which makes sense that this is Analog’s first single off of their upcoming Survival EP, due out January 26th. Both rappers dance over the beat, spitting bars about the changing world they find themselves in, and do so with a style that any fan of the genre can bump. Until the project drops in 2018, press play on “Mutations” above and let your ears take you back to the 90s.

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