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Pocket Radio reels it in with "Tripwire"

Chi-town super band Pocket Radio's latest tune "Trip Wire" blends jazz, hip-hop, R and B with live engaging instrumentation. The single is an inspirational number that aims to uplift the listener to rise above their current situation (here known as the tripwire) and look towards a brighter future. The first section of the song is anchored by the vocalist, Sharon Irving who delivers the message in an emotionally powerful sense while Keith Harris the emcee comes through with a short elucidation of the subject matter. The solid progression takes place as each performer comes in to add that sense of urgency and total engagement from start to finish.

Spearheaded by guitarist/composer Anders Nordstrom, Pocket Radio is a Chicago supergroup comprised of top-call musicians who work with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Solange, and Jonathan McReynolds . A local breed of hip-hop, fusion, and soul, the 13-piece powerhouse performs sweeping original compositions that adventure through lush orchestrations and banging backbeats. Their new single, “Tripwire,” tries to stay hopeful while grappling with the glaring problem of division among the diverse in modern-day America.

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Hip-Hop · Jazz · Jazzhop · Progressive · Soul · Soul-Hop


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