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HUMAN take you "Higher" on their debut single

Swedish art collective HUMAN is a community in the truest sense, going beyond the musicians to also include the listener. HUMAN are making moments in music matter, making music "ours" again. Fronted by Grammy Award winning Swedish artist, Daniel Adams-Ray, the debut single "Higher" is not a call to action, it's a call to care.  

Steady backing vocals lay out a base melody for reaching keys to grow out of. The subtle grit in Adams-Ray's vocals give the track a dire energy. The energy and emotion of the track is built around becoming horn and a confident bass line, molding to the growing frustration Adams-Ray attempts to shake off. "Higher" plays like a triumph of music and of cause, where the risk is the reward. "If I fall, I'm gonna die," sings Adams-Ray, but I don't see his descent in any future, no matter how dystopian.  

Out now via Universal Music Sweden.

Connect with HUMAN: Facebook | Spotify | Instagram



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