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Overjoy returns with the hypnotic "Women"

Overjoy rose out of the experimental art scene of Los Angeles as a trio with a strong vision and clear aesthetic. Since their start in 2015, they've built a strong following on the back of their unique ability to craft an emotion listeners didn't expect to feel. The magic of the trio is the Overjoy is their ability to color and capture introspection, giving listeners a slew of feelings brand new yet oddly familiar, and incredibly necessary. Overjoy blends cinematic vocals, smart percussion, and lush synth work, expanding the potential of dance music beyond the club and into the late night listening session.


"Women" is the trio at their peak. The single is as mesmerizing as it is evocative, with syncopated vocal delivery adding texture to the atmospheric production. "Women" is an exercise in mood and balance, with the crunchy percussion ending with a hollow ringing out, and the pre-chorus vocals bringing the same chop-and-fade as synths balloon over the melody.  Overjoy's songstress Alexis Moraites keeps the track together as the production explores moments of grandiosity and ambling quiet. 

Connect with Overjoy: Soundcloud | Instagram

Electronic · Experimental


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