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Husser takes a victory lap in video for "Paintings For The Blind (Millions)"

With his first solo project due to drop November 15th, Montreal MC, Husser is back with a video for “Paintings For The Blind (Millions).”

“Paintings For The Blind” acts as a small victory lap for Husser and his recent success, but Husser being Husser, it feels like there is a bit more hiding beneath the lyrics on this one. So, let’s dive in shall we?

The video (which you can view above) follows Husser in and around his family’s homeland of Saint Vincent. He plays soccer on the beach, celebrates a family member’s birthday and seems to all around enjoy himself while rapping about his good fortune. The chorus, however, seems to comment on something else. “I already got everything that I need, a couple of bad bitches and some good-ass weed. And everybody blessed, everybody straight, whole family. But if you could ask for one more thing, I just need a million bucks.”

So what’s with the chorus? Well, it could be a straight forward line, and this particular writer is looking way too deep into things, but it seems like he’s commenting on our society’s constant need for more shit. On top of the lyrics, it’s also his extra casual delivery that drives this point across. You don’t feel the yearning in his voice for this “million, billion, trillion bucks’ but rather; it’s more like a monotonous drone. Even though that is his style of delivery, he doesn’t seem the type to love the flash. His last track “Catherine” showed a very dark side of Montreal and a self-awareness that makes it seem like he’s not one to merely rap about wealth.

So what do you think? Is he just dropping a video about his successes or is Husser commenting on our society’s obsession with wealth? Or, maybe neither?

However you feel, press play on "Paintings For The Blind (Millions)" above and be sure to cop Husser's debut solo EP, Geto Rock For The Youth, when it hits digital shelves November 15th.

Connect with Husser: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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