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Remix package of "Kum Kum" (feat. A-WA) by Balkan Beat Box released [Premiere]

Balkan Beat Box, otherwise known as trio Ori Kaplan, Tamir Muskat, and Tomer Yosef have a new remix package available, exclusively streaming on our site today. The "Kum Kum" original features the cultural elements that BBB is known for, offering up some grit-laced funk and hip-hop elements with an EDM spin on each remix. The DJs in question are Shazalakazoo, Yanivi and DJ Braindead, who is also favorite of US EDM superstar Diplo.  

Two members live electronic act Shazalakazoo, comprised of Millan Djuric and Uros Petkovic, hails from Serbia and have incorporated rich cultural elements to their remix, along with Latin American, African and Middle Eastern influences. 

Yanivi put a fun-fueled spin on his remix, gearing the "Kum Kum" original up for the club, and boasts #1 and #2 positions on the Beat Port, iTunes and TraxSource charts with his track "Rock This Joint." As part of the Zebra Music Agency in Tel Aviv, DJ Braindead boasts 5 million spins on Soundcloud, 4 DJ Championship awards, and accolades from the likes of Major Lazer, Hardwell, and Skrillex. The remixes can be purchased here.

Connect with Balkan Beat Box: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 


Exclusive · Premiere


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