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Deca brings back boom-bap in new album 'My Way Through'

Reminiscent of the classic 90’s hip-hop sound, with a gritty, boom-bap crunch, intricate sampling strategy and impressive, insightful lyricism, Deca’s new album The Way Through is a calm, free-flowing exhibition of Deca’s persistently unique musical capabilities. Each track plays a notable role in the smooth, delicate progression of the album, coming together as a terrific overall project.

In terms of production, Deca’s methods are purely old-school. Mixing a low-tempo, melodic sound similar to that of Odd Future with rusty kicks and snares redolent of acclaimed hip-hop producers DJ Premier and Pete Rock, the album’s sound embodies the perfect balance between an underground, bedroom-produced mixtape and a crisp, well-polished studio release. The album is of a considerably low tempo all the way through, which in turn allows Deca to flourish as a vocalist even more. Deca’s samples are atmospherical and soundtrack-appropriate, blending all kinds of resonating, compelling tones and melodies. The relationship between the melodic elements and the rhythmic elements is superb, and certainly stands responsible for carrying the consistent bounce on this vibrant project.

Lyrically, Deca is fantastic too. His rhythmic patterns are far from basic or predictable and further emphasize the quality of his articulate rhymes. He knows how to compliment an instrumental with his words and create a formidable partnership between a beat and a verse, and he proves this throughout the entire album. His concepts are both wholehearted and notably eccentric, adding continuous variety to the lyrical journey of the project. Often, artists have great beats but fail lyrically, or vice versa, but Deca continues to illustrate his quality in both areas with every single project or track that he releases.

The Way Through is a true example of quality hip-hop from both a production and lyrical aspect. This project is certainly worth listening to all the way through. Available now on multiple streaming platforms; LISTEN HERE

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