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Kelvin Frazier, ph.D fills a deep void with "Marked and Scarred"

How do you cope with the loss of someone dear to you? I don't have the answers but the best mechanism to use is to remember the good times and allow that to ease the pain.  Said coping mechanism is what singer/songwriter Kelvin Frazier, ph.D's new song, “Marked and Scarred" compels us to do. The song is an emotional piece that deals with a tragic loss and the deep introspection that follows. Kelvin brings the big guns on this one with a powerful vocal performance that shows hurt, passion and hope as a healing factor.

Kelvin Frazier, ph.D is not only a trained vocalist, he is also an MIT graduate with a Ph.D in physical chemistry. The Georgia native grew up in a musical household and started singing in a choir directed by his grandmother, and as he grew older, he eventually became the assistant choir director. He has performed with several college choirs and also at Amateur Night at the Apollo in New York City before moving to L.A to pursue his music career. He currently performs with the CaliWorship Mass Choir.  The choir has sung backup for Grammy Award-winning singers such as Tina Campbell, Erica Campbell and Grammy nominee singer Anthony Brown.

“Marked and Scarred" is the first release from Kelvin Frazier, ph.D's  forthcoming EP, set to drop in early fall!

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