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Introducing: Van Den Wolfe release a funk pop fused debut single "My Love Is Calling"

Funk duo Andrew Napoleon and Leon Watson, also known as Van Den Wolfe, are tapping into a niche music market with their retro, funk, pop creations. The fusion after much listening aims to balance the different genres with about a little of everything and their own unique style of writing and performance. 

Their debut effort is a mid-tempo, love-laden number entitled "My Love Is Calling" that is just smooth, sugary and pretty catchy. You can tell the duo know their stuff with the way they construct and layer their instrumentation. Steady building the pace and avoiding an overindulgence on using too many retrofitted sounds for the sake of it. 

Hailing from the North of England, the production duo known as Van Den Wolfe are on a mission to bring funky grooves back to the masses by fusing elements of disco, pop, funk and 80's electro. Van Den Wolfe are also planning to tour and release their debut album in 2018. 

Connect with  Van Den Wolfe: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Disco · Funk · Future Funk · Nu-disco


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