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Cape Weather release psychedelic "Telephone" edit of previous soul cut "Telephono"

Cape Weather is an exciting new collaboration between Natalie Smith and Eric Jackowitz. The two musicians have both played in bands for years; Eric playing drums for Nick Waterhouse, and Natalie releasing music under solo monikers. With Eric at the production helm, "Telephone" was made over the internet, with instruments being recorded and mixed in LA, Oakland, Nashville, New York, and Europe. Instrumental contributors to the record include Ben Alleman (keyboards; Ryan Adams), Erik Groysman (composer; Drunk History), Joe Berry (keyboards + sax; M83), with mixing and mastering done Andrew Sarlo (producer; Big Thief). 

"Telephone" is a remarkably loose, psychedelic, guitar-lead edit of their previous soul-infused single "Telephono"; a slightly more reserved and subtle take. The band are clearly at home experimenting with duality as both versions emanate attention-grabbing character in their own way. The inspiration behind the unusual dual edits lies apparently in the process of bands getting signing in the 60's and 80's. "At first artists would release a song on their own and then once singed to a label, they would be asked to re-record the song in a different mainstream style for the record company." Cape Weather are currently working on their debut EP, which is due to roll out early 2018. 

Connect with Cape Weather: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud


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