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MYFEVER take us back with video for "Childhood Keepsake, Circa 1991"

Florida songwriters MYFEVER deliver a mesmerising tribute to childhood and nostalgia with their new video, "Childhood Keepsake, Circa 1991." The airy, haunting tune floods the heart with emotions and the mind with memories. The lyrics and the visuals seem to present opposing forces that eventually demand a look inward towards our own humanity. All the scenes are filled with summery activities, yet the film feels wintry and icy. We watch as young children swim in the pool, and older men laugh in the ocean. The simple small-town moments ignite complex weaving pathways of thought about time, memory, and age; it's a maze that we may never reach the end of. The soulful folk melodies only enhance the song's power by urging the listener to slow down and take a breath. The video was shot by Kevin Johnson and edited by Allie Hine, Weston Hine, Garrett Hine, & Kevin Johnson.

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Acoustic · Folk · Folk Rock


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