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Cut Chemist announces 'Madman' EP and releases accompanying video [Premiere & Announcement]

Earlier this month, Jurassic 5 member and producer Cut Chemist announced Die Cut, his first solo album since 2006's The Audience's Listening while releasing the project's first single "Work My Mind". Today, the producer and DJ is announcing a new EP, Madman, along with a video for the titular track.  Madman will be available tomorrow, November 3, and you can watch the video for "Madman" here first.

The video is, as the video description aptly states, "A short story about dummies." and showcases a series of clips put together by found footage video artist Tom Fitzgerald and pushes a sense of whimsical hysteria down the spine of viewers.  Cut Chemist says of the song, ""Madman" is a hypnotizing collaboration between myself and French electronic pioneer Vox Populi!. It's dark yet the time signature changes give it a sense of playfulness." Despite being a solo release, it's not a solo endeavor. "This EP also features remixes and two other original songs by longtime collaborator and friend Mumbles (the producer of Aceyalone's Book of Human Language) and Gone Beyond (S.E.V.A.)."

Luckily, we don't have to wait too long to hear the rest of the project.  Madman is available for physical purchase here and is available November 3.  His new album Die Cut will be available March 2 2018.

Photo Credit: Joseph Armario

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