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Witness Wasiu's battle with writer's block on his Kaytranada produced single "Tabula Rasa"

Montreal in the building! On his latest track, MTLien Wasiu links up with fellow MTLien and all around superstar producer, Kaytranada, for an extra bouncy track titled, “Tabula Rasa.”

For those who don’t know, or can’t remember 8th-grade Anthropology anymore, “Tabula Rasa” refers to John Locke’s philosophical idea that humans are born without knowledge (i.e., like a clean slate) and learn from life experiences. On his track “Tabula Rasa,” Wasiu takes listeners through the pains of writer’s block, while simultaneously showing off his precision with the pen. “I’m shadow boxing with my enemy, I may weather the storm, but drain my energy.” If that Mayweather line doesn’t do it for ya, you should just give up listening to music right here and now.

On top of Wasiu’s dope lyrics, the beat from Kaytra is top notch. The track is funky, lively and exciting but not to the point it takes away from Wasiu. Instead, it provides a perfect backdrop for Wasiu to muse on writer's block and then builds well with that bass line as he finds his stride once again and closes out the track.

So if you’re digging what you’ve read above, give “Tabula Rasa” a listen and be sure to grab a copy of Wasiu’s latest project, MTLiens 2, which dropped but a few days ago! The entire project is fuego and deserves recognition.

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