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Stylust Beats & FLY go "BaTShit CraZy" with their new collabo [Premiere]

"BaTShit CraZy" is the penultimate result of when two beat titans collide in a collaborative manner. The usual suspects are Canadian-bred San Francisco DJ , Stylust Beats and LA based musician FLY who have decided to gift the world with their unorthodox production, fusing world music, trap/hip-hop, dubstep and whatever other genre they feel will enhance the listening pleasure.

 This version of "BaTShit CraZy" is the dub mixx which is a more tranquil, experimental version of the lead single of the same name. The song transitions between hard hitting dubstep and mind warping trap sounds while making use of Latin styled percussions and traditional hiphop elements.

Known for fusing rap hooks and dubstep bass with multiple music genres, which has earned him the rep as a creative renegade carving his own path, Stylust Beats has emerged as a frontrunner in the new wave of industry heavyweights. FLY on the other hand has a knack for blending dubstep, trap and bass music with influences from world music elements. Both men will be releasing their collaborative EP under Sleeveless records.


Connect with  Stylust Beats : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with  FLY  : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter SpotifyInstagram 

Chillstep · Dubstep · Electro · Hip-Hop · Trap


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