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Gio paints a tale of two perspectives on "If You Want It"

Coming from a long line of singers and musicians, Gio is a rapper-singer coming out of Massachusetts. His family history of poets and artists shines on "If You Want It," where he tells a story from two perspectives: male and female. Produced by Canis Major, the track innovates upon trap tropes, bringing in horns and a precise rhythmic quality for Gio to flow over.


Gio laces cheeky lines about his hair with harrowing bars about sleepless nights and feeling choked by his feelings. His vocal work on the hook would give The Weeknd a run for his money, bringing a rich cherry timbre to the track. When singing from the female perspective, the vocal effects drop out and we get the full scope of Gio's soulful range. In that breath, "If You Want It" transforms from a player's anthem to a cautionary tale.
Of the track, Gio says: "This song really shows a dilemma that most of us face now, being able to trust in the good of people and not judge someone off first impressions."
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