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Dynesti Williams serves us a "60 Days Notice" [Video]


"60 Days Notice" is some sort of warning issued by Toronto raised emcee, Dynesti Williams. Highly determined to elevate her craft and plant her foot permanently in the music industry.  She is currently out in NY getting ready to demolish any preconceived notions the world may have about her and her skill set.

The fierce, unapologetic rapper teams up with producer Timian, who crafts a hard hitting soundscape for her to state her claim and state it she does effortlessly with lyrics like , ...Drop the facade, which boss is talking? Don't even need to run, I can pass you walking.  Not to be taken lightly, she handles the beat like kids in daycare and even flips a little patois for those not familiar with her island roots. 

Dynesti Williams aims to in­spire peo­ple to re­con­nect to their higher selves through bold and un­apolo­getic live per­for­mances, lyrics, videos, and sonic ex­pe­ri­ences. She is known as a fierce en­ter­tainer from Toronto ON, Canada with a contagious energy that can raise the vi­bra­tion of any space she performs in. Nick­named The Dyna for de­liv­er­ing en­ergy like food for the soul, Dynesti Williams in­vites you to feast on the bal­ance of unity and chaos through the  fla­vor she describes as Rebellious Hip-Hop/​Soul with a "dash" of Reg­gae.

She is currently working on her first full-length project with Dat Gas Music Entertainment in The Bronx, NY. The project, entitled, The Dyna, will be released in 2018. Stream the audio below.


Connect with Dynesti Williams  : Soundcloud | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram  | Website

Connect with Timian  : Soundcloud |  Youtube | Instagram | Website


Hip-Hop · Rap


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[…] artist Dynesti came to our notice some odd years ago when she dropped a fiery unapologetic single "60 Days […]