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Beatnick Dee & Allen Poe team up for "Composure"

'Composure' is a 7 track collaborative EP by LA-based producer Beatnick Dee and Kentucky MC Allen Poe, crafted as they aim to elevate their art even after attaining some success in the industry.  The EP plays like a soundtrack to the present times through the lens of Allen Poe who pens dense, contemplative tracks with a dash of  lightheartedness. 

 'Composure' is the sophomore follow up to Nick's debut 'Creative Medicine',   while it's Allen Poe's first project for 2017 since his last collaborative EP 'Lightbulb over my head while I'm thinking' which came out last year. The 7 track EP has a 21 minute play time and was released on Netherlands based label Below System Records. The EP features fellow Kentuckian Deacon The Villain of The Cunninlynguists, Cashus King ( FKA Co$$), Versailles The Everything and Cashius Green among others. A limited run of cassette tapes are also available for this release (Order HERE).  
Hip-Hop · Rap


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