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Che Ecru stays true to himself on "Good "

Up and coming r & b act Che Cru mans up to his responsibilities on his new, self produced single entitled "Good". On the song, Che plays the role of a good guy to an unnamed female he is involved with. He listens to Sade, her moms don’t mind him in the house, and he'll even explain why he missed your FaceTime call. All these attributes are reinforced with Che's infectious melodies and unique cadence over the quiet storm-ish trap beat he crafted. Musically speaking on "Good," Che Ecru incorporates cello string samples from Brooklyn-based cellist Gabriel Royals which was made possible by Ampl Music, a company that connects and supports artists to make new tracks.

The saga of Che Ecru begins in Boston, Massachusetts; where he spent the first 19 years of his life acquiring the tools needed to do things his own way. Driven by a sinful curiosity and craving to find the source of information untampered by authority, Ecru led himself to the backdoor entrance to his destiny. The singer/songwriter/musician/producer invites his listeners through the backdoor, welcoming all to a world of hyper-reality; where the only authority that exists is yourself.

On the heels of his previously released single "2AM," Che Ecru reassures us that everything is straight on "Good." Representing a new school of poised DIY producers, the Boston-bred artist crafts mesmerizing beats under his own seductive vocals for a sound that's both personal and playful while layered with nuance. In 2017 alone, he's teamed up with heavy-hitter producer Cardo on the buzzworthy Che Got Wings EP followed by a 15 track album released via Soulection entitled Buries. 

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