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Boy Bishop asks how "High" is too high?

An explosive party track from LA beatmaker Boy Bishop just crash-landed on Pinnacle Collective. The club-ready "High" has one of those incendiary drops you can hear popping off anywhere from an underground shoebox club to a massive festival. It's the kind of unapologetic house track that demands you get on the dance floor from the first beat.

How "High" is Boy Bishop, exactly? His Thompson-esque bio clues us in - "My past replays against hammer-struck piano hymns, straight ties on Sundays and sin so subtle and ingenious, even God didn’t notice. On worldly afternoons, smoke cascaded down our chins like divine waterfalls, disseminating at our collars and drowning our irreverent minds." Whatever substances fueled the writing of this track were the perfect cocktail. "High" is an immediate turn-up to keep in your back pocket this Halloweekend.

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