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Mike Holmes establishes his identity on "My Name"

Mike Holmes blends soul and melody with raps and wit to carve his own space between the hip-hop and R&B genres. Coming out of California, where innovation is everything, Holmes establishes his identity on the Atwood assisted "My Name." Singing his own hooks gives the track a nice layer of cohesion, and the energy on the verses doesn't get lost. Holmes understands and works to the outer limits of his artistic range. Holmes' vocals are sultry as they spiral up the hook, delivering bright spring-time imagery. There's a lot to say about use of the sunny, hollow keys on a track. Where they're usually meant to give a song bounce, Holmes' full-bodied vocals fill in the space of the synths and the keys, giving the song much appreciated texture. Atwood's staggered delivery works in the same vein, making the song a head-bopping, hip-moving delight. 

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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