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ABSLM VLTN finds survival and love in the "Jungle "

Singer, songwriter ABSLM VLTN steps out of his comfort zone on his new tune called "Jungle". Like the title says, the singer tells a story of unbridled, primitive romance where the core subject battles through a Jungle of fear, vulnerability and emotional survival.  A natural rebel with an actual cause, ABSLM leads the listener into his make-believe world as he spills; "I got a lesson in survival/ I’ll tell you how it’s gon' be/ Don’t wanna do it on my own / But I don’t think you got the love for me"...

Absalom Valentine aka ABSLM VLTN is a South London based vocalist, songwriter, and producer all rolled into one. The electro soul act is known for his eclectic approach to crafting songs. Leaning on the element of unpredictability, ABSLM VLTN aims to please the ears with his sensual, unfiltered brand of experimental electro soul music.  Now based in Tokyo, he finds influence in the musical works of Solange, James Blake, Prince, Quincy Jones and James Fauntleroy.


Connect with  ABSLM VLTN  : FacebookSoundcloud |  Twitter | Instagram


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