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Al Maralen lives in his favorite "Moments"

Hailing from Maryland, Al Maralen makes music that reveals him as a writer at heart. His lyricism is intricate, and his imagery is tightly woven to bring his tracks to life, with "Moments" being no different. With Abby T. and Diallo Matthews on the features, "Moments" is a lively and soulful display of Maralen's rap skill. He doesn't ride the beat, but instead coasts above it with an attractive swagger. Somewhere between your standard carpe diem poem and summertime-fling of a love song, "Moments" will be a revelation for fans new and old. 


Al Maralen describes the organic process behind the making of the track: "The song 'Moments' came about just seeing all the beautiful women in D.C. and my past experiences with women. It's one of my more poetic songs as it sequences through 'I love it in the city,' 'I love you in the city,' and then 'I love you like the city.' This is also one song where I had every lyric in my head as soon as I heard the beat. I knew who I wanted singing, I knew every adlib, and memorized every lyric before wrote anything down."

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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