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Lauren Hibberd invokes early 2000's folk pop in latest single "Eliza"

The Isle of Wight-based singer-songwriter, Lauren Hibberd can effortlessly package capacious, rolling sounds with a complex pop structure to deliver a sincere pop sound that's been missing from the mainstream. There's an inviting familiarity in Hibberd's sound that's reminiscent of the popular folkish pop that really came up in the early 2000s - originally led by artists like Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, Ingrid Michaelson, A Fine Frenzy and so much more. That solemn but deeply sincere vocal style left a lasting impression in my heart and I find a lot of that in Hibberd's latest track "Eliza". This style of music is fun and poppy but the instrumentals remain just subtle enough to leave the vocalist in charge of carrying out and really defining the song from start to finish. Hibberd proves she has that ability and do so unequivocally. Check it out below:

"For me, ELIZA is a soundtrack. It’s the dancing around in your room when you're alone, the song you brush your teeth to in the morning. It’s coming of age, it’s fun, it’s young and it’s brash." Lauren Hibberd

Connect with Lauren Hibberd: Soundcloud | Twitter

Folk Rock · Indie · Pop


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