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Sairen thrills with a serene, cinematic sound on his self titled single "Sairen"

French composer Sairen, from what I garnered is known for his illustrative musical pieces. With that being said, I expected to hear highly cinematic soundscapes similar to what you may hear in audiovisual productions and to cut the long sorry short, that was exactly what the producer delivered. Armed with the writing style similar to classical music, Sairen makes use of amplified and electro instruments and offers a powerful and emotional sound universe, where each piece is an invitation to an uncertain and tumultuous journey.

His self titled single begins with a sombre tone that slowly progresses into a chilled, relaxing vibe but the fun doesn't stop there as it switches once more at the 1:44 mark into an energetic alternative rock section. I must say, his production style is highly visual with regards to his arrangement and musical progression.     

The track "Sairen" is taken from the his album 'Iter Animae' exposes the contrast between the seductive softness of the mermaid's song and the whirlwind drowning of the one who succumbs to it. 

Connect with Sairen   : Soundcloud | Facebook  | Bandcamp



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