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Austin Bey & SHDW chill out in "Traffic"

Austin Bey is a multi instrumentalist and rapper. Growing up in a very musical family and being exposed to the hip hop culture in west Baltimore influenced him a lot and as he states music has always been the center of his world. 

"Traffic" is the first single off his upcoming EP 'T2AM'. The track gives off some mellow, sunny afternoon type vibes with him switching between rapping and using a sing song style. "Traffic" is the perfect example of what Bey calls taking bits and pieces from all the artists and producers who’ve inspired him along the way to make something of my own. Besides handling the vocals, he is also responsible for putting the track together from the synths to the guitar instrumentation.

The 20 year unequivocally states that he is a bit of a recluse compared to his peers. Occasionally he may pop his head out to clear his thoughts but the majority of his time is spent behind spinning vinyls and playing the guitar.

Preorder Austin Bey's upcoming EP 'T2AM': HERE

Connect with Austin Bey  : Soundcloud |Tumblr| Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · New Wave · Rap


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