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Ankhten Brown's new single gets you to "Feel The Wave"

Member of the Bawal Clan, Ankhten Brown teases his upcoming project with the moody and bar-heavy "Feel The Wave." Featuring Krissy Cakes and produced by ¥ung Bawal, "Feel The Wave" is a single from Annubis Killa, which is a follow up to Brown's mixtape Long Nights & Day Dreams. The beat is deceptively simple, but Brown's bars and flow make the track sticky, and by the time the track runs its course, you find yourself itching to his replay. 

Performing and working with artists all over the globe, it's no wonder "Feel The Wave" can capture a handful of styles, and stitch them together with ease. Krissy Cakes lends her ethereal vocals to the track, breaking up the sheets of lyrics Brown delivers and acting as the glue of the track. The second verse features a more tender flow, with Brown getting more in his feelings and showing off the richer timbre of his voice. 

Connect with Ankhten Brown on Soundcloud and Instagram.

Hip-Hop · Rap


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