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Those Wicked Hours "Run" us through an array of vintage 70s and 80s electro sounds

Those Wicked Hours, composed of two Swiss/French brothers, are back with their latest single "Run" - a homage to getting one's life back on track. In this latest video, the brothers are joined by Simon (originally a jazz drummer) and Tobi (originally a rock bassist) to provide an all-out assault of vintage 70's and 80s electro sounds. Check out the track and accompanied visuals below: 

The video produced by Marco Von Moos is shot in a jump’n’run style video game as well as a music video. According to the band, "Its goal is to bring the band to the stage while collecting as many coins and golden girls as possible, and while hitting aggressive bouncers or avoiding crazy groupies. This track has that soft alluring vocal that's really been seeping its way into the mainstream thanks to similar groups like Bob Moses and combining them with vibey melodies, light guitar and synth play. The introduction of each sound, whether it's the synth hook or various analog sounds is delivered effortlessly. It follows this beautiful progression and build from start to finish - as if the track was on its own journey and picks up these various sounds on its adventure along the way. 

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Indie · Synth · Synth Pop


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