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MRY's new single has him "Walking On Fire"

Coming out of Los Angeles, artist MRY is bringing his risk-taking optimism into his indie rock anthems. On his latest single, "Walking On Fire," MRY confronts the monotony of the 9-to-5, eventually giving himself over to his passions. "I started writing songs as a way to escape this routine I had settled into while working as an engineer," shares MRY. "I had always felt out of place at the office, but writing songs allowed me to be myself." The hip-shaking guitars are paired with MRY's impressive range. His voice swells on the chorus, leaving us with a wonderful sense of hope. The moments of brilliance here are plentiful, but it's where MRY chooses to take his pauses that reveal his knack for arrangement. Suspending us for the briefest seconds while the synth comes back in simulates that ecstatic gasp we take when the dream finally comes together."Walking On Fire" is out now on You Too Can Woo.


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Indie · Indie Pop · Rock


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