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Reek takes us to the "Blue Room"

Coming out of San Antonio, 22 year old Ivy Music Group member Reek is putting on his for city through his impassioned bars. On "Blue Room," Reek takes the moody and slurred elements of Southern hip-hop and molds them to fit his sharp-tongued style. Always up for a challenge, Reek has gone to great lengths this year to showcase his flexibility with his group and his upcoming collaboration project “Free Market” with the producer, Sage

"Blue Room" features a perfectly syncopated flow, fusing personality and storytelling. The track sets up the stakes for Reek: it's either grind of go hungry. The magic of the track comes after the beat switch, where Reek flexes his pen even more. Reek uses this track as his moment of meditation, showcasing how serious he is about himself, his team, his art, and his success. About the track, Reek tells me: "Sage and I had been talking about working together for a while and after he got his studio set up, he ran through a few beats and I immediately vibed with this beat. I just wanted some cool raps, no hook." 

Connect with Reek on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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