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Jack Moves brings classic LCD Soundsystem vibes in latest single "Moment of your Time"

Jack Moves is a one-man show. I had the pleasure of checking out a few of his live videos online and it's pretty wild to witness. His latest track "Moment of your Time" first attracted my attention because of the wonderfully complex synth and vocal work that he so cohesively laid out to create an uptempo electro-pop banger. Before I found out more about the artist, I couldn't help but imagine a group like LCD Soundsystem putting together an army of people on various machines, multiple vocalists, instruments crowding the stage all trying to orchestrate this sound. But little did I know that it's all coming from a hurricane of a musician called Jack Moves. Check out the track below and be ready to get blown away. 

Connect with Jack Moves: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Electro Pop


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