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Tarantina showcases eye-catching self-made stop motion on "1/9"

Having recently released the successful "1/9," Tarantina, a self-taught singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and videographer (who creates magical dark polished noir pop within the confines of her home studio), is back for an incredible video premiere of her highly surrealist self-made stop motion animation on EARMILK. What really caught our breath is how naturally Tarantina blends fine art, quirky fantasy, and avant-garde pop culture with a DIY aesthetic, to make such a beautifully innovative video - akin to outstanding audiovisual art. Somewhat comparable to a musical Tim Burton, "1/9" is one of the singles of her forthcoming EP Teething, which is due to be released later in 2017. Speaking about the video's creation Tarantina explains;

"The animation was completed, in its entirety, on my living room floor. The making of this video left permanent stains on my floor and inside my head. It was a gruelling six months so, at the end of it all, I set fire to it.”

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