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L.A.D's debut single commands us to hit the Dance Floor

London based trio known as L.A.D share with us their debut groovy single "Dance Floor". The single is the product of multi instrumentalists Jack and Luke teaming up with singer Natalie. The trio sharing the same love for 80s music deliver a stunning musical homage to the era of shoulder pads,  Duran Duran, "Thriller" and synth driven music. The production crew armed with about 14 plus synth machines stay inspired by green tea, rainbow drops and the energetic impulse of Flash Gordon while the front lady Natalie embodies the era in spirit and style especially Madonna's hair do.

"Dance Floor" is built on the back of lush synth keyboards, groovy bass lines and head nodding arrangement takes a lot from 80s pop style acts such as Madonna, 5 star laced with disco and new age techniques to create a retro-fitted club jam. Their aim of crafting a timeless 80s tune that just makes you get up and dance comes effortlessly as the trio explained how they crafted the song by firing up the drum machine, driving up the synths beyond the threshold and letting Natalie go crazy in the booth.

Prior to this, the group (under the moniker Natalie Gray) fiddled around with different sounds and recorded a song titled "Live In Love" just to test the waters. That song and many other countless crazy/fun filled sessions in Luke's home studio helped shape the trio's intended 80s niche sound.

L.A.D have done their homework, you could say just the way Daft Punk did a few years ago with throwback tracks like ‘Get Lucky’. Lucky for us, we also got first dibs on their new found music direction that invokes the spirits of Whitney Houston, Shalamar etc.

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