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Madeleine Dopico puts emotion back into "Saturday Night"


An emerging artist coming out of New York City, Madeleine Dopico left a secure job to pursue her passion of music, and it shows. Her guttural vocals enliven her latest single "Saturday Night." Her other singles and displays of skill include a track entitled "Nice Boy" and a degree in Health and Societies. This somewhat eclectic blend of interest help keep her music fresh and engaging. "Saturday Night" is the first track on Madeleine Dopico’s new concept EP Poor Decision Making.

"Saturday Night" is punctuated by earthy and breathy inflections, where Madeleine gives her all for the sake of not caring too much. Her vocal range is on full display over a steady piano line and framing strings. The rhythm of the track is so potent, the piano and drums often become one driving force to color and guide the song. About the track, she tells us: "When recording 'Saturday Night', I actually had an excruciating ovarian cyst that ruptured. I was keeled over, yanking down the studio mic, powering through to keep singing my heart out. I hope that added to some of the emotion of this song!"

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