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Smino links up with Sango to cool off with some "Sorbet"

Since dropping blkswn earlier this year, Smino has released a handful of dope tracks. He’s linked up with his fellow Zero Fatigue homies on “Manegos” and shredded a Monte Booker beat with the help of Phoelix on “Kompany.” Earlier this week, however, Smino treated the world to a new track but enlisted none other than Sango to handle productions. Introducing, “Sorbet.”

Released on his birthday (October 3rd), “Sorbet” is yet another shining example of why Smino is bound for greatness, not that anyone on Earth needed another example after blkswn. In true Smi fashion, the wordplay on “Sorbet” is icy cool. Smino is the only person who can drop lines like “Shawty u taste like sorbet/Beat it til its sore bae” and make them sound cooler than Santa Claus’ workshop.

Sango, meanwhile, frames the track perfectly with his upbeat, strong productions that have an almost mythical feel. For fans of blkswn, this is definitely a different sound for Smi as Monte’s beats are decidedly more dream-like, but it’s dope to hear Smino surfing along a beat with a bit more grit.

In the comments on SoundCloud, Smi wrote, “dis me jus havin fun wit it...hope yall enjoy, dance, smile to it. kuz nigga i do,” so don’t hold your breath for a new album. But, there’s no reason you can’t dance and smile to it, because homie, I certainly will be doing just that.

Enjoy a helping of “Sorbet” above and be sure to stay locked on EAMRILK for all of your fresh music needs.



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