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TheyCallHimAP has a message for everyone who "Can't Hang"

TheyCallHimAP brings an aerial view of the street life. The Denver based rapper has been climbing for a minute, opening up for YG on the FDT Tour. Fresh off his rowdy and powerful EP 29, AP delivers a video for the standout track, "Cant' Hang." His flow is smooth, offset by the grit of his voice and the bite of his message. AP comes across as off-the-rails and entirely in control of his sound, all at once.

With a voice made for rap, his crisp singing voice just takes the hook to the next level. The entire song screams authenticity and personality, which is no surprise considering AP has been labeled an artist to watch by numerous tastemakers. About the track, AP says: "'Can't Hang' symbolizes loyalty to me. It's an expression of the value of friendship in today's day and age" That's some truth and so is this track! 

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