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Get to know Ailbhe Reddy and her latest single "The Tube" [Exclusive Playlist]

I first encountered Ailbhe Reddy in an underground venue in Toronto, where she played a short set along with some other bands from Ireland. I was practically in tears for half of it. She is a rare breed of musician; relatable and approachable, while her talent remains untouchable. Live, she will joke around (sometimes at her own expense) with her audience, until the pluck of her strings begins and she disappears inside herself. Her performance is confrontational in its intimacy and honesty – Ailbhe lays herself so bare it's like she's daring you to watch her bleed.

The Dublin folk singer is releasing her latest video and single "The Tube" with EARMILK, only a short while after the triumphant release of her sophomore EP Attach to Memory. It's a lyrically raw and passionate track, and the video is visceral and compulsively watchable. "The Tube" follows Reddy's trajectory on Attach to Memory from using lone acoustic guitar and minimal strings to a full-fledged band, but it has more of a distinctly pop undertone than anything she's released in the past. Of the song, Reddy says:

'The Tube' is a song about having no explanation good enough for someone, so the only
thing I had left to offer was the small gesture of walking them to the nearest tube station. It's a song about struggling to express yourself properly to someone, which I think is probably pretty universal.

In addition to her video, Ailbhe has created an exclusive playlist for EARMILK – aptly titled "MAWNIN GLORY"– an amalgam of folk, indie rock, and hip-hop. These are songs she likes to listen to while in transit – or on the tube, if you will: 

"I've picked a few more uptempo tunes, as I like to blare these into my ears to get me in a good mood while traveling.  I've given them 'sing-along ratings'."
1. "Marry Me, Archie" - Alvvays
One of my favourite bands at the moment playing such a sweet song.  I really love the lyrics of all their songs too, awesome.   (Sing along rating 8/10)
2. "On + Off" - Maggie Rogers
Such a banger, you could pretty much dance your way anywhere with this in your ears. (sing along rating 8/10)
3. "Take Care" - Beach House
A bit dreamier than the other two, keep things calm. This song is super sweet and has a special place in my heart. 
(Sing along rating 8/10)
4. "Shut up, Kiss Me" - Angel Olsen
Angel Olsen is probably one of the coolest people alive right now and this song is such a banger. (Sing along rating 10/10, great for roaring along in the car, I find).
5. "No Woman" - Whitney
Phenomenal song by a phenomenal band.  When that chorus kicks in, you know about it, which is why it's rated so highly for singing along.  10/10.
6. "Somebody to Anybody" - Margaret Glaspy
An indie version of 'Independent Women'.  Makes me feel able to do anything while I'm driving/busing/training/flying around.  (sing along rating 8/10)
7. "Break Apart" - Bonobo/Rhye 
Let Milosh of Rhye's sweet vocals sooth you if you ever find yourself among any road rage/elbowing on the underground/ squished buses or trains.  (sing along rating 8/10)
8. "Innocent" - Hundred Waters
What a tune.  A favourite from this band.  So good.  
sing along rating 9/10 
9. "Say a Little Prayer" - Lianne La Havas (cover, of course)
Any version of this song is a delight, I often hear this on the radio when I'm driving and it immediately knocks me into a good mood! 
Sing along rating 10/10
10.  "Doo Wop (That Thing)" - Lauryn Hill
No journey is complete without it.  What a song.
Sing along rating 15/10 (almost impossible not to sing along, its a classic)

Check out a few of her upcoming Tour Dates:

October 18th - Black Box Studio, Belfast

October 19th - Roisin Dubh, Galway

October 20th - Cyprus Avenue, Cork

October 21st - Whelan's, Dublin

October 27th - Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool

October 28th - The Met, Bury

October 29th - Oporto, Leeds

October 30th - Henry Tudor House, Shrewsbury

November 1st - The Canteen, Bristol

November 2nd - St. Pancras Old Church, London

Connect with Ailbhe Reddy: Twitter | Website | Instagram

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