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ADLT VDEO are "Alive" on their new single

Fronted By Luke Top and Mindy Jones, ADLT VDEO is a sinuous and disruptive indie pop duo coming out of Los Angeles. On their newest single, "Alive," Jones' coiling voice belies her ghostly range. Their style is as somber as it is grandiose, with large swaths of sound coming through a dark lens. The video is equally thought provoking, featuring a washed out and exacerbated mannequin. There's an astral quality to the duo's music, where every melody and aspect of rhythm has a looming quality. It's impossible to look away. 

About the track, the band say:

 "'Alive' is special to us as it is the first thing we ever wrote as a duo. It came together fairly quickly and made us realize we had some great musical chemistry. It was also really fun because we had no pre-conceived notions or agendas going into it. It kicked off a collaboration that allowed all sorts of tangents and guilty pleasures to have a home. In this case it turned out to be a mutual affinity for sci-fi and Morricone. Insert quote about coming alive here."

Their duo EP, Chameleon, is out on October 20th.

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