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VHS Collection brings more "Fire" with help from Viceroy [Premiere]

Earlier in the summer, New York City based alternative outfit VHS Collection released "Fire", a track that throws you into a time machine and slaps you around with impactful drums and wavy synths.  Today, the group presents a reworking of the song by Viceroy that turns those vibes up to 100 and beckons you to dance.

VHS Collection says of the song “We all have a devil on one shoulder and “Fire” is dedicated to him.  We are super excited to share our friend Viceroy's 80s influenced, summer-vibes remix of our latest single.  We've been driving around with the windows down, blasting this funky remix for the last few days and hope you all enjoy doing the same." 

Listen to "Fire (Viceroy Remix)" here first.

Connect with VHS Collection: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram 

Connect with Viceroy: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram


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